Not able to write letter ‘I’ on iOS 11? Here’s the solution

iphone x

Apple’s software update found a weird bug in iOS11.1. Because of this, when iPhone and iPad users are typing ‘I’, then ‘A’ or ‘question mark’ is being created in front of them. Users of the new iPhone X are also complaining about it.

The company said that it can be auto correct due to phone settings. Also, until its real solution is released, Apple has described a temporary way for users, so that they can avoid this problem.

If you also have such a problem in iOS 11, then follow these steps to follow.

First, open Settings.

Next, go to General> Keyboard> Text Replacement.

Tap on the Add button in the toolbar.

Then go to the Fraction field and type ‘I’. And type ‘i’ in the shortcut field.

Now add Text Replacement to it.

Apple says that it is possible that this method does not work for every user. If some bugs are also coming in the emoji, then it can be done for them by disabling keyboard emoji. If there is a problem then Apple will have to wait for Permanent Solution to come.

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