Apple wins 6-year-old patent dispute, Samsung will pay $ 12 cr

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IPhone maker Apple won the patent dispute between the world’s two major mobile companies. The US Supreme Court on Monday said in its decision that Apple will have to pay $ 12 million to Apple. In 2011, Apple accused Samsung of stealing patents on the slide to unlock and other features of the iPhone. Apple files a case for $ 2.5 billion in damages.

What is the patent dispute of mobile companies
– Apple filed a case in California’s lower court accusing Samsung of stealing iPhone’s features and packaging patents. In this, there was a demand of $ 2.5 billion from Samsung as a damages.
– The court ruled in favor of Apple in 2012 and ordered Samsung to pay $ 1 billion in damages. After this Apple again appealed. In 2013, the court dismissed some of the allegations related to Samsung.
During this time Apple tried to ban Samsung’s smartphone but it did not succeed. Then Apple claimed that Samsung’s phone’s operating system (OS) was stolen.

What did Samsung offer?
In this case Samsung had said, “None of our products do not do the variance of Apple’s patent. Apple has offered patent damages extensively. Regardless of this we will continue to secure the company’s product and Intellectual Property, according to the Legal System. ”

What did Apple say in Samsung’s compliment?
Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak said in 2013, “There are some good things in Samsung’s mobiles. I want to join this iPhone too. I do not know that Samsung will stop us from doing this. Rise above the license dispute and share some good technologies. This will improve the product of both the companies. “

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