OnePlus will not launch 5T but will be launching OnePlus 6, and features can be…

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Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 5 a few months ago. In the review, it was described as the best Android smartphone of this segment. The company had launched the second variant OnePlus 3T after flagship smartphone OnePlus 3 last year. This time it was also expected that OnePlus 5T will be launched. but it’s not like that. According to reports, the company will now launch OnePlus 6 directly in 2018.

According to the news, in the beginning of 2018, the company will launch its flagship smartphone. This is a big question about what will happen in this smartphone. Since there are few months left in its launch, the leaks and reports related to it have started on the internet.

What will be the specialty of OnePlus 6 and its value in India

On OnePlus 6, the company has already started working, though the company has not officially said anything at all. OnePlus started preparing OnePlus 6 from its flagship OnePlus 5 launch. At the moment it is not clear what will happen in it. Because one plus is known about the specialties given in it.

This time the company is working on a completely different design than OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T. That means it will now have an edge to edge display and bezel will be equal. At present, there is a trend of bringing low-beveled smartphones and there are companies like Apple and Samsung to Vivo. So this time it is decided to get the Edge to age display.

Which is the processor, it can not be said right now. But it will depend on which processor will launch the Qualcomm next year. According to reports, the company will launch Snapdragon 845 the next year, so this new processor can be used in OnePlus 6.

This time the company has launched two RAM variants with smartphones. One has 6GB of RAM while the other has 8GB RAM. So, the next smartphone will have more than 8GB RAM? This is a big question. But more hope is that this time the company will launch both the Variants with the 8GB RAM and its internal storage will be 128GB and 256GB.

Since this time the company has launched a dual-rear camera smartphone, this time it is still a dual camera. However, this time there will be no surprise if there are two cameras for selfies. However, the company can use the new sensor this time.

Prices have always been plus points for One Plus, especially in India. Because the prices of other smartphones in this segment are quite high. Therefore, this time also, it can be expected from the company that its price in India will be less than 40 thousand.

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