A Quick Look on Google Home- A Smart Device of Future

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When it comes to finding a good roommate, then it is hard to do so. Google introduced Google Home some time ago, and it has already made waves. If you are looking for a roommate that understands you, then Google Assistant things can be quite different, and it may be the best thing that you will ever have.

It is due to the fact that Google Assistant is a smart artificial intelligence which is built into the Google Home which makes your life easier. Google Home is far from perfect at this time, but it will continue to evolve and improve as Google works more on its voice assistant technology.

Google Home supports hands-free calling and Bluetooth. With this, you will be able to import all the contacts from your phone and then you ca easily make a phone call by simply asking it do so. Google Home will make the call from either a private number or in case you have your Google account linked to your own phone, then by using your number. All you require is an active internet connection to make the calls.

Google Home will be able to use Bluetooth in able to sync up all the Bluetooth-enabled devices, a feature which has been there in Home’s competitor, Amazon Echo, for some time.

Google has also announced that Home will provide support to the free version of Spotify, Deezer, and SoundCloud along with the music streaming services which are already supported by it.

The visual response is a new feature of Google Home which allows the speaker to send visual information to your smartphone, tablet or even your TV.

Proactive assistance for Home will provide you information about the happenings of the day in real-time and offer them before you even need it. It can inform you about any traffic delay you might face on your way to work or notify you way ahead of time so that you can leave early and even provide you information about weather and ensuing warnings.

While with Google Assistant, the voice and smarts are inside the speaker, which can be a main point of attraction, Google Home can actually be a quite capable audio device.

It can also access different forms of streaming services such as Google Play Music, YouTube Music and even Spotify and Pandora. It works as a Wi-Fi speaker all because of its inbuilt Google cast capabilities.

Now, look at some pros and cons for this device before we wind up.


  • It has a Customizable base
  • It comes with Massive song library
  • Due to Google’s constant innovation, it has expanding hardware ecosystem
  • It comes with xix-month YouTube Red trial in the US


  • It lacks Google’s own services.
  • It requires the phrasing to be quite precise
  • Its Google Cast support needs some updates to be made.

All in all, Google Home is a quite great piece of device which can assist you in your daily life. It can make calls, play music, send visual responses to your phone, etc. Google Home has a bright future ahead, and we look out for more to come.

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