Signs You Are Totally In Love With Winters

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Technically speaking, we get to enjoy four different types of seasons. But for those who love winters, they can only think of one weather, which is chilly winters. They generally think of snow everywhere and shop for all the stuff possible on the planet to keep themselves at ease during the season. 

 Even the slightest drop in the weather can make them hop out of bed to dig out the shawls and blankets. They are the ones who love to drink on hot chocolate all year round. If you think that we are talking about you then to be very straightforward, yes we are!!

The winters are far over, and the sun is blazing out there, but all you can think of is the foggy mornings and chilly nights. You are just not meant for this world and would love to be a part of the Narnia times when the winters lasted for a hell lot of time. 

Most consider winter to be a dreary season, with cold weather, gloomy days, and general misery.

However, if you look on the bright side, there are still tons of excellent stuff synonymous with winter. That being said, as winter comes around and hops with excitement as the days get shorter, there are a small few that relish. If you prefer burning by the beach to sitting by the kitchen, it is probably you.

Below are signs you secretly enjoy winter and all the season-related stuff.

You are totally in love with just winters. Let us have a look at some signs that will prove it to be correct. 

Scarves, Scarves Everywhere But No Underwear To Wear

You love winters, and it clearly shows as you have more scarves to match your attire than you have underwear in your wardrobe. 


You have a vast collection of blankets of every size. There are blankets of different prints and blankets of different weights. 

The First Snowstorm Can Give You A Part Mood

The moment it starts to snow, you can feel the Goosebumps on your body to hit to the skis and go out to play.

The Most Important Part Of Your Home Is The Fireplace

You cannot think of a house without a fireplace, and the one at your home is the best part. You keep it well maintained and clean, and the woods are always ready to burn and lit up the environment.

The Ultimate Plan For A Date Is A Sleigh Ride

You are so obsessed with the weather that you plan out a date with your loved one on a sleigh instead of taking her to a restaurant for lunch. 

The Thought Of Snow Melting Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The single thought of the snow melting can bring tears to your eyes. The moment you realize that it is going to be the end of winters is no less than an apocalypse for you. 

Snow Therapy

You are totally in love with winters when the only way out for a calming therapy for you is to enjoy snowfall. 

You Just Cannot Feel Chilly

No matter how chilly it is out there, no one can take you out from the snow. You breathe for it, and you can die in peace with it. 

Count the days

You are so crazy for winters that the moment it turns to be 1st January, you actually start counting days left for the arrival of October. 


You think of shopping for winter clothes in the summer season. During the off-season, you get to enjoy exciting deals and discounts. You stock up piles of clothes for winters in different colors. 

Autumn Marks The Commencement Of Winters

The moment the autumn season comes, it means that it is time to bring out your winter clothes and get ready with your boots and all. 

You Keep Your AC Temperature To The Lowest

The temperature of your air conditioner seems to be the lowest every time so that you get to cuddle up in the blanket and sip on to hot coffee. 

You Love To Shop For Bikinis To Wear Them Under Your Overcoat

Yes!! You are so in love with winters that you shop for bikinis just to wear them under your overcoats and do not even think of flaunting them in summers. 

Beaches Are A No For You

You love to go on a vacation with your loved ones on snow-capped mountains rather than hitting a beach and trying to water sports. 

You Just Do Not Want To Shave

With guys going all clean shaved to enjoy a fresh look in summers, you just cannot think of shaving as it will keep you stay warm in winters. Gosh!! This is a hard one, but you need to bear it as you love winters. 

There Is Nothing More Beautiful Then Morning Frost

You just love the sight of morning frost and cannot wait to have it in your hands. The feel of the morning frost makes you feel in love and happiness all over again. Winters are a stress buster for you. 

The Need To Be Out And About Is Lower

And zero shame for sitting in with the fire burning under a hand-knitted blanket.

Unless It Is A Night Out In The Local Country Bar

The only place under one buzzing roof combines the last three points (hot drinks, fire, and food!). The ideal place to meet friends, meet for book club, or the mandatory quiz in the pub.

You Are Always Ready For Christmas

Yes, you are a freak who loves winters and just cannot stay away from the thought of Christmas approaching near. 

Rains Are An Onset Of Winters

Yes!! This is true. There are the ones who feel that the moment it rains, the temperature will fall, and the winters will commence. They bring out the attire and blankets, the brandy, and the wine. Not only this, but you can very well see there boots and joggers drying in the sun as winters is near. 

Sweater Are The Best Attires For You (Love Winters)

The only clothing option that you can think of is a good sweater that covers your neck and stretches down to your butt. A full-length cozy sweater turns you on and makes you feel happy. 

To Feel Cosy, The Temperature Outside Has To Be Cold Or Chilly

To feel cozy and comfortable, you need to think that it is chilly outside. If the temperature is not cold at all, then the worst thing you might experience is a bad mood that will ruin your day.

You Only Get To Enjoy A Good Sleep During Winters (Love Winters)

The only thing you want to do is enjoy a sound sleep during winters; for you, the single-season that can help you relax is the winter season. You get to sleep correctly only when it is snow outside. It sounds weird enough, but it is true. You just love winters so much that your body feels relaxed only during the chilly months. 

The More The Layers The More Comfortable You Are (Love Winters)

You are always ready to add layers of clothes on your body. More is less for you, and you can wear as many layers as possible till the time you look like a grizzly bear. 

You Love To Eat Hot Meals every time, And Soups Are Your Best Friend

The only thing you want to eat is to sip on to a hot chicken soup that can make you feel hot inside. But soup in summers? Yes, the ones who are in love with winters have a solution for that too. They turn on the air conditioner and then drink soups to get a feel on chilly weather outside.

Winters Are The Time For Festivals

You are so much in love with winters that it gives you the moment to enjoy. There are a lot of festivals in the season. Winter season also marks the wedding season where you get to relish on to some yummy food and dress up your best. 

Dancing To Your Favourite Tunes At Your Friend’s Wedding Is A Dream Come True

You are the one who just cannot come out of your blankets, but when it comes to a wedding, you are all set to take out your backless lehengas and dance on to Bollywood numbers without feeling chilly at all. 

You Can Only Think Of Gulping Down Soups And Hot Gulab Jamuns (Love Winters)

The only delicious meal for you is a big bowl of soup and hot and delicious Gulab Jamuns. These can only be found in the weddings where you can fill your tummy without spending a penny on them. 

All You Need To Munch On To Popcorn And Roasted Peanuts

AAHHH!!! Just the thought of them can give you an adrenaline rush. What a time to sit in your blanket and relish on to some delicious roasted peanuts, kajus, almonds, and popcorn that is loaded with butter. 

All Year You Are Just Preparing Yourself To Visit A Punjabi Friend And Dance On Dhol During Lohri (Love Winters)

Yes!! People are so in love with winters that they wait for the entire year preparing specific dance steps to perform on the Lohri function. You can just not stop yourself from looking at the attires people wear during the festival and can be ready with your dress in thw month of March itself. 

Winters For You Mean Sarso Ka Saag And Gajar Ka Halwa (Love Winters)

People who just love winters are in love with the food too. They love to hog on to gajar ka halwa and a big bowl of sarso ka saag topped with white butter. How can we forget about the Makki ki roti and the dollop of ghee over it? 

How Can You Forget The Smoke That Comes Out (Love Winters)

Yes!! Winters means you get to enjoy the feel of smoking even when you are not. The smoke that comes out is a great thing to play with. The satisfaction that it gives is of some other level. 

All Your Dreams And Plans Include Chilly Winters And Snow Clad Mountains

Al your plans that you make with your friends begin with winters, and all you can think of is going on a trek on the snow-clad mountains. The mountains without snow just do not exist for you. 

Skiing Is The Only Sport That Exists For You (Love Winters)

All you can think of when it comes to outdoor sports is skiing and snowboarding. You love to play with snow, and even the thought of making snowman can give you a great feel. 

The Best Part Is You Can Stay Away From Waxing

Many out there, it is the best thing that you just dont have to bear the pain of waxing and can stay from for an extended period. Winters mean wearing full clothes and wrapping yourself up in multiple layers, so no waxing!!

Flaunt your beanie collection

Finally, it is time for you to proudly flaunt those beanies that look so funny and make your look like a nerd. But no matter what, they are going to keep you warm, and that is all matter for you. Just fit into those beanies and enjoy. 

Finally, Its Time To Flaunt Your Jumper Collection (Love Winters)

Yes, it is time to flaunt your jumper collection to the world. Be as weird as you can, and people will still love your collection as winter is the time to look funny and cover it all up. Wear as many layers as you can and proudly step out like a hero. 


These were some points that, if you feel relatable to means that you are completely head over heels in love with the winter season. Nothing else matters to you more than the arrival of the season. You can pull out your sweaters and jackets and snuggle up all day long in those blankets and sip over as many cups as possible of hot milk and tea. 

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