Best Water Bottles For Kids Buying Guide 2020

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Keeping your kid hydrated is one of the most important things. Also, one of the most difficult ones also as all they want is to nibble on snacks and cold drinks but just do not feel thirsty when it comes to water. 

The truth is that whether it is hot or not, your child will feel thirsty, and the only way you can encourage them to drink water is by giving them new water bottles. The kids always welcome anything that is served in a unique style. Then why not to try and make them enjoy drinking water in cool-looking water bottles. 

Children are grumpy, irritated when dehydrated, and they can get headaches too. The worst thing is that when the children are dehydrated, they don’t know. And you may want to invest in the best water bottle for kids to avoid a severe dehydration case.

Your child would be drinking water more with the bottle than they will if they didn’t have near water. Failure to drink water impacts digestion, in addition to dehydration. It leaves the skin dry and stuffy too. The best bottle of water will prevent this.

Do you find you’re spending less on juices and water when you’re bringing some from home? Well, that’s true for your children too. You can bring drinking water while you are driving to or going to the mall.

In this buying guide, let us get to know about different best water bottles for kids that you can shop from and make your kids enjoy drinking water. 

How To Select The Best Water Bottle For Kids?

Planning to shop for anything that is for your little one is a great challenge. If you feel that your child needs a new water bottle, then here are some quick tips you must keep in mind before shopping for the best water bottles for kids.


Keep in mind that your baby might need to carry the water bottle along during his sport session; hence, it is better to opt for a lightweight bottle. Choose the ones made of plastic rather than steel ones. 


Once he has started going to school, he will need a water bottle now and then as they get lost easily. Hence it is advisable to shop for a one that is cheaper and gives ample amount of storage. 


One of the crucial factors you need to keep in mind when selecting the best water bottles for kids is the design. Your water bottle must look attractive and appealing to your child so that he gulps down water from it. 


Keep in mind that a soft spout with a straw in it is the best option for your toddler. Sipping from a straw is more comfortable and also does not create a mess when he gulps down water from it. 


If your child loves outdoor activities, then it is the best option to give him a bottle that offers functional capacity. This way, his bottle won’t be empty, and he can keep himself hydrated well enough. 


If you are looking for a container capable of holding milk or warm water, then look for one with durable insulation. A vacuum water bottle can turn out to be an excellent choice for you for this double-wall reason. Before purchasing, please check that the water bottle does not sweat. The double-wall water isolation bottles are mostly available on the market, which keeps the liquid temperature right.

Carrying Handles

Do not forget to check whether the bottle you are going to buy has proper handles for your child to hold or not. You can also look out for the ones that have a long loop so that your child can hand it around his neck and carry it easily from one place to another. Water bottles without a handle will become difficult for those little hands to manage. 

Best Water Bottles For Kids To Shop For

Let us look at some best water bottles for kids you can shop for in 2020 from online shopping stores:

Camelbak Water Bottle For Kids (Best Water Bottles)

Want to keep your kids hydrated, then you must give them this cute looking water bottle with your child and make them happy. Kids love to drink water from their new water bottles. This is an excellent water bottle and good enough to fit your toddler’s lunch box. It comes with a spill-proof technology and looks just amazing. The lock is tight and has a straw for your child to sip comfortably. 

Product Advantages

  • It is safe to be used in the dishwasher.
  • The color is fade proof and will not go away even after multiple washes.
  • The best thing about the water bottle is that it is BPA and BPS free.
  • It gives a drip-free experience to your child.

Product Limitations

  • If you do not wash it properly, then you might experience that mold will collect in the cap.


Tint Box Kids Water Bottle (Best Water Bottles)

These modern-looking water bottles carry 12 ounces over the plastic bottle, and they do it in style with a silicone collar. They have a locking flip lid with a soft straw that will not hurt the mouth, lips, or teeth of your baby’s top if they slip while walking and drinking around. It looks fantastic and will be your child’s best companion that he would love to flaunt. 

Product Advantages

  • The water bottle comes with a functional capacity
  • It has a big straw so that your child can sip on to the right amount of liquid.
  • It is safe for the dishwasher
  • The bottle is not going to break easily, even if you drop it several times.

Product Limitations

  • The price of the bottle is high as compared to other options available in the market. 


Cello Puro Kids Water Bottle (Best Water Bottles)

BPA is not present in the plastic used to make these so that the smooth mouthpiece will feel secure against little mouth. This is hard enough to stand up to the intensive usage that an infant can go through. And because it’s evidence of a spill, you won’t have to drag your kid from room to room mopping up the little puddles. This 12-ounce water bottle comes in more than a dozen bright colors, some of which have fun designs if your child likes them.

Product Advantages

  • The water bottle is small in size and is comfortable for your child. 
  • It is made up of eco-friendly plastic and does not cause any harm.
  • You can use it in the dishwasher safely, but do take care that it gets rinsed off nicely. 
  • The straw is of a soft quality. 

Product Limitations

  • The only thing that this bottle lacks is the stability of the straw that comes out of the spout and has to be replaced soon. 


Tickle Toe Water Bottle (Best Water Bottles)

A big part of growing up is the growth of fine motor skills. From the very beginning, your little one has been grabbing and reaching for stuff and they particularly love it when they can hold things alone. Unfortunately for the tiny hands, many water bottles are too large or slippery.

This unique bottle of no-slip water is built to help kids get a good grip and remain hydrated. Its smaller size is ideal for a child with 12 ounces of liquid still in its pocket. The insulation with a double-wall vacuum and stainless steel coating keeps the liquid cold for up to 24 hours.

Product Advantages

  • The water bottle is a lightweight and small size bottle.
  • A powder coat finish makes it slip-proof and offers an excellent grip to the little hands.
  • The bottle looks decent and has been priced at an adequate level. 
  • It helps in keeping the liquid cool for 24 hours. 

Product Limitations

  • The small size is not enough for your child if he is in love with outdoor sports and activities. 


Parteet Cartoon Character Water Bottle (Best Water Bottles)

Parteet is a well-known brand in the industry. It has reputable goodwill with its excellent quality products and long-lasting services. If you are looking for the best water bottles for kids, this one will undoubtedly give you full value for money. It is a 3D water bottle that looks amazing and comes in different shapes. The Parteet bottle has a simple to open the cap and a large opening, enabling liquid filling and cleaning. This drug helps keep liquids cold or hot for 24 hours. It has a sports style and trendy outlook.

Product Advantages

  • The price of the water bottle is reasonable, and the looks are great. 
  • The size is big enough to keep him hydrated all day at school.
  • The insulated interior keeps the liquid at its temperature for up to 12 hours. 
  • It has a wide opening and a good quality straw so that your child does not have to fight for sucking. 

Product Limitations

  • Though it is a glass water bottle you need to make sure it does not falls from the little hands.


What Type Of Material Must You Choose For The Best Water Bottles For Kids?

Now that your child is all set to hit the school, you must be worried about keeping him hydrated as he used to be done at home. The only way you can help him drink water is enough quantity is by giving him a good looking water bottle. If he has a water bottle that looks attractive, he would surely love to sip water or juice from it and stay hydrated all day long. Some kids love their water bottles so much that they love to drink water from them at their home also. 

There are many varieties of water bottles available online to shop for. Still, you might get confused about which material you must opt for. 

Keep in mind to stay away from stainless steel bottles and metal bottles when it comes to your child. The first thing is that they are heavy for your child to lift and carry, and the most important thing is that they can cause an accident. Your child is so small he does not know about his actions if, by chance, he ends up hitting a classmate with the bottle, just imagine what will be the result. 

Do not go for glass bottles as they are easy to break, and you would not wish to see your baby walking on the glass all bruised upright. Also, glass can break and go inside his mouth and cause a bruise with bleeding that might end in a hospital. 

It is always a good option that you must opt for a bottle that is made up of plastic and is lightweight. The eco-friendly plastic is BPA and BPS free and also does not cause any side effects. It is long-lasting and is easy to carry. Plastic bottles are cheap and won’t give you a heartbreak even if your child loses it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Think That Water Bottles Are So Important?

Water bottles form one of the essential parts of your child’s essentials that he must carry along to school. Keeping bottles can help maintain each student’s hydration level. Another particularly important thing is that children should stay away from drinking unhealthy water. The drinking water habit will help your children excel in their academic lives. Drinking water also increases brain functionality. All these things make it necessary for the student to keep bottles of water at school with them.

Should I Freeze The Water Bottle Of My Child?

See, it depends on you if you want to serve your child with cold water. However, experts suggest that you must not give chilled or frozen water to your baby. You must provide them with water that is normal so that it does not give them a sore throat. Kids who are more indulged in outdoor activities must stay away from cold water. 

It Is Safe To Serve Hot Liquids In Water Bottles?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to serve hot liquids like soups to your child in water bottles. Keep in mind that the bottle should be spill-proof and insulated; a spill-proof water bottle will make sure that the hot liquid does not fall on your child and hurt him. The insulated bottle will be able to keep the liquid in the best form for a long time. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Child’s Water Bottle?

Keeping the water bottle clean is not rocket science, but it required a bit of hard work. You must wash them with hands in hot water or keep them dipped in hot water and rinse them off nicely. It is not recommended to keep the water bottle of your child in the dishwasher. You can quickly clean it with a dish bar and do not forget to scrub the cap nicely else you might notice mold on it. Also, it is recommended to smell the bottle after 15 minutes. It must not give a foul smell of liquid or the soap you have used. Else you need to clean it again under running water. 


This was a quick buying guide for the best water bottles for kids. If you find it helpful, do share it with your friends too. We have tried to cover every aspect to make it easier for you to grab your hands on the best products. If you still find we missed out on something, then do let us know, and we will cover it up. 

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