Best Cameras For Vlogging Buying Guide 2020

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With the craze of vlogging increasing, day by day, and more people finding a great way to stay connected and earn, there arises a need for a good quality vlogging camera that one must possess to enjoy vlogging in the best quality. If you are not known about what to purchase to enjoy good quality and clear vlogging, let us look at this buying guide and grab some best vlogging cameras that the professionals use to deliver their content.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogging is a mixed term that came into existence by mixing blogging and videos. It means delivering the content to your audience in a video format. People these days love to watch videos rather than read them; that is why more and more bloggers are coming up with their YouTube channels and delivering their content in a video form. The most important thing that you need for a good and clear vlogging is a good quality camera. Let us get to know which vlogging camera will suit you the best in our buying guide.

How Do Vloggers Make Money? 

Now that you are clear about the concept of vlogging, you must also be all excited to understand how vloggers earn money. How can someone post their personal videos about reviews and feedback and get paid? Yes, though it is a fresh concept for many out there, it is one of the budding industries that people have found. You get to earn by sharing reviews of products and on platforms like Youtube. You can open a dedicated channel and earn just by posting videos of anything you like.

Most people think that you must be a popular star to make money, but the fact is that anyone can do it. You may not make much money when you start, but over time you will be able to build up and make a lot more money.

Vloggers can make money in numerous ways, and some techniques are more popular than others. Publicity is one of the simplest ways to make money for vloggers. Google offers a great platform named Adsense, that helps the vloggers earn a handsome amount and enjoy their passion.

Types Of Vlogging Camera

Moving forward now, you are all clear about vlogging and how to earn money with it. The neat thing to get clear is how many types of vlogging cameras are available in the market. This further helps you which type of camera will suit you the best.


One of the first names that come into your mind while shopping for a camera for vlogging is a DSLR. Digital single-lens reflex cameras, or DSLRs, are common among vloggers because of their excellent video quality, low-light efficiency, and adaptability. Lenses may be substituted, starting from cheap kit lenses usually supplied with the camera body, to high-end lenses with excellent accuracy and image quality.

Compact cameras

As the name suggests, they are small cameras that offer you excellent features for recording your videos. They are cheap and are available easily. Though they do not offer a great quality video but are the best option for the beginners who do not plan to invest much in the initial days.


Camcorders are a great option if you plan to shop for a vlogging camera at a reasonable price. They offer excellent quality videos and also support 4K videos. They come with a lot of additional features making your vlogging time an interactive one without any hassles.


Webcams are also known as comfortable cameras for those who enjoy vlogging sitting and chilling in front of their laptops. They ‘re particularly popular with YouTubers who want to record live streams, game walkthroughs, or comments. While your laptop probably has a built-in camera, the quality of video and sound is pretty poor universally — okay for Skype calls but not much else. External cameras provide a very low cost, improved image quality. Generally, they are easy to set up, and some apps offer 1080p recording, zooming, and panning/tilting.

Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For The Best Vlogging Camera

Let us move further now and get to know what you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best camera for vloggers. Shopping around can get pretty confusing if you’re not familiar with camera lingo. 1080p, ISO, MP, 4K …… It’s hard to know what you need. Whatever camera you select, you’ll need a camera that delivers high-quality video, at least in Full HD (1080p) or, even better, 4k Ultra High Definition (both YouTube-supported formats). Other features to consider include built-in Wi-Fi and a decent LCD display, allowing you to test your footage on location. Here are some tips that will help you in shopping for the best vlogging cameras.

External Port

Make sure that the vlogging camera you are planning to purchase has an external port. This external port helps you to improve and deliver the best sound quality. Thus it becomes clear for your audience to understand what you are trying to say.

A Rotating LCD Screen

This is one of the most important things that you must have on your camera. A rotating screen helps you to see yourself at the time of filming so that you get to know whether the angles are in the best position and you are visible properly or not. It also makes you understand how you appear on the camera so that you can work on yourself and look your best.

4K Video

You must be thinking whether 4K video is important? Yes, it is important. The 4k technology is no hard and fast rule, but it offers you a lot of additional features like crop and adjust the lights and get a clear quality.

Great stills

The first thing that people will notice on your video will be the thumbnail. To capture a thumbnail that looks appealing to the audience, you must have a good quality vlogging camera. Keep in mind that you must shop for a camera that solves the purpose of both clicking and recording. You do not have to carry two cameras wherever you go.

AF tracking system

Might you love to record yourself on the go and get a great vlog ready for your channel? When you are watching yourself driving, that is a major advantage. You would not be able to switch the camera when you are filming. Features such as face and eye AF can be a major benefit here. The camera instinctively gravitates towards focusing on you – and phase detection systems come into their own for substantial movement, along with focus accuracy (contrast-detection systems continue to search and drift).


How can you forget about the lens when you think of buying the best vlogging cameras. The quality of the lens must be great and must offer you a wide aperture. The aperture lets you play with the background and add features like blur and zoom to the same.


When searching for a top vlogging camera, remember the size of the sensor. More light can be captured by a larger sensor, which is important for vlogging. Compact cameras come in the next biggest sensor size, but most compact cameras take awful footage. DSLR cameras tend to have the second biggest sensors, and on high-end DSLRs and full-frame cameras, you can find the largest sensors.

The type of camera you buy has a big impact on the size of the sensor. Camcorders tend to have the smallest sensor size, and when there’s not much light around you, they don’t work as well.

Battery life

Yes!! This is one of the most important things that you must keep in mind when shopping for the best vlogging cameras. It might be the case that you require to film for a long duration; hence your camera must be capable of giving you good battery life. Carrying extra batteries every time you go to cover an event must not be a hassle for you.


A more important function to search for is Wi-Fi. You will need to film and post plenty of vlogs as a vlogger. A camera that comes with built-in Wi-Fi will automatically upload your videos and make it much easier to vlog. Especially if you intend to upload your vlogs to YouTube, which can automatically sync with many modern cameras, the Wi-Fi feature would be of particular benefit.

Best Camera For Vlogging In 2020

Now that you know what is vlogging and are also aware of the shopping tips you must have a look at the best camera you can shop for in 2020:

Best Mirrorless Vlogging Cameras

Let us have a look at the best mirrorless vlogging cameras available for you to shop for:

Sony A6400 (Best Vlogging Cameras)

If you are looking for a great purchase well within your budget and from a well-known brand, this will be a great purchase for you. Sony has left no stone unturned in offering the customers excellent camera quality and a great experience for the vlogging lovers. Though the design is vintage, still the features it offers is of the best quality.


  • A vlogging camera that offers everything a vlogger can want. The video quality is awesome, and the lens quality is great.
  • The vlogging camera comes with a 4k technology that makes its must buy.
  • This is the best vlogging camera with the AF technology along with the Sony 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, much longer scope, and greater optical efficiency than the 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ standard lens.


  • The pocket-friendly camera offers a great picture quality with excellent and long-lasting technology.
  • It is a great amalgamation of quality and style, along with advanced features at best.
  • The camera is easily available and has a strong core with a good design.


  • The vlogging camera lacks good battery life.


Olympus MD Mark III (Best Vlogging Cameras)

Another option for the vlogging maniacs out there. A camera that looks great has a strong body and offers all the latest features you can think of. Olympus is a well-known brand in the industry and has great goodwill. It is known for its long-lasting products with great battery life and after-sale services.


  • The mirrorless camera will give you a run for your money with endless features and excellent quality.
  • The Mark III offers bright, clear 4 K video with rock-solid image stabilization, and phase detection of AF that won’t let you down – and the photography output of its stills is top-notch.


  • The vlogging camera is solid and does not face any wear and tear for a long time.
  • It is easily available, and hence it is easy to get the parts repaired.
  • The price is reasonable and economical, offering some deals from online shopping stores.
  • This best vlogging camera for beginners gives a great option for still photography also.


  • The only thing that the camera lacks is that there is no 4K support, and the camera also does not have a headphone jack that might be an issue for some of the vloggers out there.


Panasonic Lumix (Best Vlogging Cameras)

If you’re genuinely serious about vlogging, you’ll need to set your sights higher up the Panasonic spectrum. The newer Panasonic GH5S is even more video-centric (and a better low-light artist, thanks to dual native ISO) yet lacks the still image consistency of the GH5, so the GH5 is still the best choice for several vloggers.


  • It provides great control over video recording settings, including capturing 4 Kat up to 60/50fps for a smooth 2x slow-motion effect.
  • It also includes an image stabilization device based on sensors in the body, which you do not get with the GH5S.


  • The camera has a big size and comes at a reasonable price with several specifications.
  • The vlogging camera is a great option for you to buy if you are an expert in vlogging and love to keep your audience engaged.
  • The lenses are of great quality and offer crisp recording for the viewers to comprehend what you are trying to say.


  • The contrast AF is not so good, and the bulky body makes it difficult to carry.


Compact Vlogging Camera (Best Vlogging Cameras)

Though vloggers only consider vlog with the help of a mirrorless camera, you can still get your hands on the compact cameras and make decent vlogs. Let us have a look at some of the best compact vlogging camera out there:

Canon Power shot

The canon power shot has been a craze with the vloggers as it offers some great features that many flagship brands out there do not offer at the higher price as well. Canon is known for its best cameras and vlogging cameras


  • It has 4 K non-crop recording, an external mic port, and even lets you upload to YouTube! There’s also the option to capture high-quality stills from 4 K footage.
  • The excellent autofocus feature works well with the 24-100 mm (equivalent) f/2.8-1.8 lens and stacked 1-inch CMOS sensor to deliver excellent quality video.
  • It also helps you to capture phone-friendly vertical video and Instagram story-an extremely useful feature.
  • Within one box, this is all a vlogger needs: if you want to keep things easy, look no further.


  • Coming from a well-known brand, it is rated as the best vlogging camera at a reasonable price.
  • It has a decent field view and offers excellent quality lenses for a great video.
  • The built-in microphone offers great quality when it comes to recording.


  • The battery life is not so good as compared to other brands.


Sony RX 100 (Best Vlogging Cameras)

A significant thing about this camera is that it is the newest and most costly in a long-running series that is still largely in progress. So while the Sony RX100 is the best in its class, it is an excellent vlogging camera and is probably one of the best compacts you can buy right now. If it’s too pricey for you, it’s worth looking at the RX100 or even further back.


  • This new iteration sticks to the series’ core principle – a 1-inch sensor inside a body with a fixed lens
  • Its lens is a 24-200 mm model that is considerably longer than most of the series.
  • The VII is also the first model to add an external microphone port, making it the perfect option for sleek, professional video production from far away.
  • That’s a terrific choice if you can justify the price.


  • The price is great and offers excellent features at this price.
  • Coming from a premium brand, it offers excellent quality and a long life
  • The picture quality of the camera is good, and the lens offers excellent and crisp output.


  • The camera is too small and slippery because of the polish that you might fall on it easily while vlogging on the go.



Vlogging has become incredibly common, and there are no signs that this is increasing. With the right camera equipment, vlogging and creating an audience will get everyone started.

Whatever your level of experience and ambitions, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a great vlogging camera from this list, and you can use it to make your vlogs.

Despite what you’ve been told, vlogging isn’t just for the wealthy and the famous, and you can start making vlogs and sharing your own unique story after you buy a camera. Who knows, from your blog/vlog you might eventually start making money!

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