Holiday business

The holidays make for the ideal opportunity to enhance your business’ strategy. Whether you are looking to create a marketing strategy or more financing options during this busy season, there are many ways that you can help your business succeed.

Here are some essential strategies for your small business during the holidays. 

Holiday-Themed Social Media Channels 

These days, it seems like everyone is getting hyped up for the holidays. It’s common to see businesses sell or decorate their shop with Christmas-themed items, even as soon as October. While there are conflicting arguments on whether retailers advertise for Christmas too early, many companies want to cater to people who want to see their options earlier.  

Whenever you decide to start advertising your holiday efforts, you can use social media to increase brand visibility and awareness. 

To get into the holiday spirit, you can create a positive experience for your customers by adding some holiday-themed content to your brand. You can even give your social media logos a holiday makeover, like using red and green colors or adding a Santa hat.

Since the holidays are such a joyful time, you’ll be more appealing to current and prospective customers by getting into the holiday spirit and creating memorable branding.  

Keep Holiday Business Expenses Covered with a Loan 

Even though the holiday season does bring in more customers, there is no doubt that there are added expenses to any business during this time. If you find yourself short on funds to amplify your business during the holidays, purchase new inventory, keep up with orders, or hire seasonal help, a business loan can relieve you of that pressure. 

If you’re looking for a business loan, the company SharpShooter Funding is a funder in Canada that helps small businesses with financing solutions. They cater to businesses with unique needs, and offer flexible funding that requires no collateral. 

Holiday Content Plan 

To take your social media plan to the next level, the content itself could also reflect a holiday theme; like gift ideas, or holiday videos. Be sure to run these post ideas across your social media channels so you can run a cohesive marketing plan. 

Another idea that works well for holiday marketing is to run contests and giveaways. Everyone enjoys a giveaway, especially on Instagram. To attract more followers and be more visible on this platform, you could have people follow your brand, and like your photo of one of the products or services that you’re giving away. Then, you can choose one lucky winner. Even though you’re giving away a product or service, the exposure to your brand could be beneficial and increase sales. 

In regards to other content for your business, if you run a blog, you can create content that is relevant to the holidays. For instance, you could write a roundup of good causes you can donate to over the holidays, provide holiday party tips, or recipe ideas.

To better organize your marketing efforts, you can create a content calendar based on your goals for holiday campaigns. You can use software like CoSchedule to create an editorial calendar that will save you time and make your content strategy clear.   

Now that you have some strategies for the holidays, use the theme to your advantage so you can connect with your customers and make it a successful season. Have some fun with your marketing efforts and get creative with it – the results will be positive for your business.