Tracking Inventory

Most company managers know very well that a PVC ID card printing system offers one of the most effective and versatile security solutions available. They are also very affordable, considering the high initial investment costs that the specialized equipment involved in other systems – such as cameras, alarms, and perimeter fencing – inevitably necessitate.

What is less often known is the full range of technological advantages that security ID cards have to offer companies, such as their ability to be used to track and manage inventory and equipment. When you use an ID card tag printing machine to manage employees and equipment at your company, you’ll be able to choose between a range of printing systems to find the speed and technology that will best suit your company.

Security First

Of course, the main feature of any PVC ID card printing system is the superior security features that it offers. When you equip each new employee and client guest that enters your building with an ID card, it prevents anyone from gaining access who is not already authorized by your security system.

You can also use this same kind of system to equipment by simply attaching a security tag to sensitive or expensive items in your office. In order to do so, you can create unique security badges for any item you wish to manage within your system in order to ensure that your security ID card computer system keeps track of each time that an item enters or exits sensitive access zones.

Using Equipment Tracking in Different Industries

The great variety of different industries that employ security badges is a testament to the versatility and effectiveness that such a system offers. Whether you’re interested in monitoring expensive construction equipment, healthcare equipment, military property, or fitness equipment at a health club, you’ll be covered with a security badge system. That’s because your computer will keep track of each and every time that any device is moved between access points when a security badge is used to monitor its use.

ID Badge Accessories

ID tags can also be equipped with a variety of different kinds of accessories to make them easier to use. Some of these include:

  • Luggage Tag Loops
  • Badge Holders
  • Breakaway Lanyards
  • Badge Reels
  • Badge Clips
  • Arm Bands

Security badge accessories are essential if you want to track equipment within your ID card system, since they allow you to easily attach your security card technology to any variety of items.

Contactless Card Readers

When you opt to include contactless card reading in the security printing system that you purchase, managing employees and equipment becomes even faster and easier. All it takes is a quick interaction between an enabled digital card and a card reader to maintain the highest level of security access.

Whether you’re looking to gain a more secure working environment, or you’d like to introduce a system to help you manage employees and equipment, the best resource that you can invest in is a complete security ID card printing system.