Tech Gadget for Kids : Lovable, Coolest, Wearable

Tech Gadget for Kids : Lovable, Coolest, Wearable

Tech Gadget for Kids…wearables .. .ohhh wow…. Who doesn’t want to be a “spy kid”? sure all! Wearable tech is hottest accessories and growing in popularity not just between fitness trackers! Gadget-accessories from baby monitoring devices to rings that are smart. One in six people like to use wearable technology in daily chores, and kids are no different. Here are cool and trending must-haves for your kids.

For Chores and Responsibilities : Octopus

  • Created by a team of techies keeping in mind child development, engineering, business, and communication
  • Wondrous watch
  • Empower kids
  • Teaches good habits and concept of time
  • Lot of fun
  • Tech Gadget doesn’t have traditional hands & numbers
  • Gives the time with icons
  • Makes the first clock for young kids to read and understand
  • Links time to events

For Health & Fitness : Leap band

  • An activity tracker
  • Made for kids age 4-7
  • Packed with fun challenges and customizable play
  • Personalize their very own pet pal for an active playmate
  • Always on hand for games like “Leap Like a Lion”
  • Parents choose from 50 downloadable challenges
  • Keep child wiggling, dancing, hopping, and having fun
  • Mini-games, pet accessories, and more built-in rewards
  • Encourage active play and healthy habits
  • Perfect motivation to get kids moving
  • Playful feel and excellent results

For Health & Fitness : Sqord

  • New school tech and old school play
  • Activity Pod easily syncs with the free Sqord App
  • Instantly updating the player’s
  • Activity Points
  • Introducing to tons of fun
  • Motivates real-world activity
  • Builds lifelong healthy habits
  • Online world full of friends, challenges, characters, points, and awards
  • Part of social media
  • Part game platform
  • Part fitness tracker
  • All explicitly designed for kids
  • Entirely focused on kids’ needs and parents’ concerns

For Health & Fitness : Garmin

  • Garmin is not just for GPS
  • Trusted tech giant branched out to make it for kids
  • Includes a lot of really cool wearables for kids
  • Perfect for pint-sized powerhouses
  • Stylish
  • Swim-friendly
  • Activity tracker
  • Encourages the kiddos to stay on the move
  • Parents can control the app
  • Can use it to monitor steps and active minutes
  • Assign chores Hand out virtual rewards
  • Control it all from your mobile device

For Tracking : hereO GPS

  • World’s smallest real-time tech gadget
  • Cellular-connected
  • GPS tracking
  • Colorful and fun
  • Designed and developed for kids age 3 and up
  • Goal is helping parents feel more at ease
  • Knows where the little ones are at all times
  • Real-time pinpoint tracking
  • Breadcrumb trail logging
  • Smart location alerts
  • Track your children’s whereabouts directly from the hereO
  • Family smartphone companion app
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