Social Media Specialist

Social Media Marketing is a wave with a lot of potential, which if appropriately channelized can do wonders for a business. Whether you are a start-up managing your own social media feeds or a social media strategist, these five applications are a must have as they’ll help you manage your brand awareness campaigns better.

Readily available on Google Store, they’ll not only improve your business social media presence, but you’ll also have the advantage to work while on the go.

So, now in situations where you don’t have access to a desktop/ laptop like while traveling, waiting, lounging or when you are bedridden due to minor illness – these apps will assure your work never gets affected.

Here are five app store applications that if installed on your mobile will enhance your opportunities to engage, connect, and share.

  1. Buffer – The Management Expert

Buffer is basically a social media management app, where you can link all your social media handles and operate them simultaneously.

We all know to make a strong digital presence being active on just one social media platform will do no good. With that being said, using various australian digital marketing strategies to grow your online business, you can expect to have an increase in your social display to attract more clients. And more the number of platforms, higher is the confusion and workload. In situations like these Buffer is a great help, as it lets you –

  • Schedule posts for various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest)
  • Track your posts engagement (likes, share, clicks)
  • Get instant performance reports that you can share with client
  • Get to know about best performing posts
  • Faster GIF and video uploader

Available at Google Play Store and iOS Store.

  1. Canva – Create Great Designs Anywhere, Anytime

To engage customers on social media, you need beautiful, fresh posts on a regular basis. Canva is an online designing platform that allows you to create unique designs, without the additional burden of hiring a designer. With an impressive collection of professionally designed layouts, it has ready-to-use templates for every possible offline and online platform.

  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Fully editable designs
  • Editing and designing tools
  • Over one million stock images, illustrations, and graphics
  • Sharing via email, link, and on social media channels
  • High-resolution print file

Available for FREE on Google Play Store and iOS Store

  1. Facebook Page Manager – Management Like None

For a social media specialist whether working on a big or small project, Facebook is one of an essential marketing platforms. Facebook Page Manager is an app developed by Facebook that helps you manage your page efficiently when you don’t have access to your system. It provides users with following useful functions-

  • Post updates
  • Read and reply messages and comments
  • See all notifications at one place
  • Link Facebook and Instagram account for better management

Available for FREE on Google Play Store and iOS Store

  1. DropBox – Designed to Reduce Busywork

With so many campaigns, posts, and clients to manage, DropBox is an app that helps you centralize all your data. It allows you to save all your files which you can further sync across different devices. One of its most significant advantages is file sharing – you can send big files, images, PPTs, videos to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

  • Work in collaboration, through shared files & folders
  • Share and edit Word, PPT, Excel Files
  • Add comments
  • Offline access

Available for FREE on Google Play Store and iOS Store

  1. Mention – Real-Time Monitoring

As a social media specialist, it is important to keep track of things that are being said about your client, product, or brand. Mention helps you big time to see across various platforms where, when, and how, you were mentioned. Apart from your brand name, you can also include keywords associated with your business and get real-time updates.

  • Analyze your online presence
  • Share updates
  • Reply directly to mentions
  • Anti-noise management

Available for FREE on Google Play Store and iOS Store

This is our take on five best apps for social media specialists. If you are using any other app apart from the list mentioned above, tell us about it and how it has bettered your online business presence.