5 Ways to Make Money Using a Computer


Computers are extremely dynamic tools, and they can solve a lot of different problems. Though pages of code, these machines can be programed to solve mathematical equations and compute processes for the users at hand. The files in your computer and the connection to the hub is how your computer connects you to the online world.

On of the biggest math equations that has no perfect answer to solve for human race is how do I make money in this world? Believe it or not, you can use your computer to make money every day. The best part is many of these money makers can be done with your every day computer usage.

Let’s take a look at 5 way to make money using a computer.

1 – Surveys and Ads

Surveys and ads are a great way to make money online. The best survey sites are willing to give you massive gift cards and discounts for simply telling them how you feel.

If you are into a bit of the modern cryptocurrency crazy, you might be interested in knowing you can stack Satoshi by playing games, watching ads, or doing surveys as well. With bitcoin faucets, you can seriously make money for doing what you already have to do if you are TV watcher, watching ads.

2 – Building Computers

This approach is far more hands-on, but you can make some serious money, especially if you know what hardware is good. There are so many amazing computers that have serious power output out there, but they aren’t being used for simple reasons like a dead hard drive or faulty power supply. Those computers can be put bad together with rather cheap and easy, and then you can turn around and sell them as working machines. Say you pick up a 6 pack of Mac Pro computers from a closing business on facebook marketplace or craigslist. Most of the time when these places are going out of business, you can scoop up those deals for stupid low $500 or $600 with cash in hand. Most of those computers in good working condition can sell from $200 to $1000 easy, especially if you know how to market them.

There is tons of room in PC building too, especially when you find offices or schools that are selling lots due to upgrades. A lot of time you can those computers with an OS, but putting an OS it will skyrocket the value.

If you are a savvy salesperson, you can make a lot of money fixing and flipping computers.

3 – Blogging

Whether you create a PBN where people can post and share articles to a personal venture into your story, blogging a great way to make money online.

Since you are creating content for a community, as you start to expand your readers, you can start to find ways to expand your blog. Focusing on new relevant topic, find guest bloggers to share content and links with, build posts around keywords, do SEO research to boost your search presence. There is so much you can do to make your money from blogging, it’s kind of insane.

You can direct them to a product page, show them where to get items through amazon affiliate links, make money from ad spend, circulate email marketing to subscribers, and so much more. There is really so much you can do with your blog to convert visitors into money. It’s really amazing.

4 – Streaming

Streaming is one of the newer concepts when it comes to making money with a computer, but boy is it a hot ticket right now. The streaming community seems to keep growing, as video games in many ways are starting to been seen on the same level as sports. This has lead to a massive upswing game streamers, and there seems to only be more and more money going towards. With e-sports in funding and taking off, it’s no wonder streamers want to get in to those organizations as fast as they can. They are making tons of money and growing like wildfire. Get your game on or make an awesome live stream channel. You take sponsorships and take donations to make your stream live on. Many people even make full times jobs and companies out of it.

Image Credits: Computer from Africa Studio/Shutterstock

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