Does Your Office Need to Improve Its Wireless Network?

Wireless Network

Wireless Internet: it’s an essential tool for conducting business in the twenty-first century. Without a robust wireless network, most companies would grind to a halt — but just because your office has a wireless network doesn’t necessarily mean it is necessarily meeting all your needs.

The explosive growth of mobile devices, and the growing movement toward workers bringing their own devices into the office, has meant that wireless networks that were once more than capable of handling an office’s traffic are now no longer able to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Increased use isn’t the only issue. Because wireless networks rely on radio waves to transmit information, they are susceptible to interference and only have a limited transmission distance. This means that a number of factors can reduce the efficacy of your wireless network, so that some areas of the office receive excellent signal while others hardly receive any signal at all.

Unfortunately, because network overload tends to happen slowly, it is often the case that IT managers and executives simply don’t notice that their Wi-Fi isn’t running as quickly as it used to. Because an overtaxed network rarely reaches a crisis point, even when it becomes obvious that an upgrade is needed, it is often put off indefinitely to make way for more pressing concerns.

This is a serious mistake: every day that your office operates with an insufficient wireless network is a day where productivity is not being maximized. If you have noticed issues with your wireless network, investing in an upgrade needs to be an immediate priority. 

In order for installation of a new wireless network or upgrades to your current network and data cabling infrastructure to truly be effective, however, you first need to understand your current usage patterns, and this means undertaking a thorough initial RF wireless network survey to understand where you need to beef up coverage.

If you are considering upgrading your wireless network and want to make sure the time and money you invest in the process gets you a system that continues to meet your needs for years to come, here are a few things you should make sure your preliminary survey includes:

  • Heat maps of RF coverage that also cover expected data rates.
  • Detection and recording of RF interference that may contribute to decreased wireless functionality.
  • Office layout map that shows the location of wireless access points.
  • A selection, orientation, and polarization of antenna to guarantee good signal.
  • Observations regarding multipaths, hidden nodes, and dead spots for RF.
  • A complete breakdown of Wi-Fi equipment.

For offices in the Greater Toronto Area and the cities of the Golden Horseshoe, companies like ExcelLinx Communications provide some of the most robust survey and installation solutions available.

Not only does ExcelLinxs ensure that a complete survey will be undertaken before installation begins, their turnkey approach to wireless upgrades means you can overhaul your Wi-Fi with minimal disruption to your office.

Don’t put off improving your Wi-Fi connectivity for one day more than you need to. Get in touch with ExcelLinxand find out how you can book your survey today.

Image Credits: Wireless Network from GaudiLab/Shutterstock

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