Loads and loads of videos and content is available on YouTube on the daily basis. Whatever is necessitate can be watched trouble free. Trouble draw nigh when you want to download a video from YouTube. If at all the download is of personnel use or is used offline, it is not an issue.

As per Google’s terms of service for YouTube, it is not legal to download any footage from YouTube until you see a download link by YouTube for that specific content.

It is a way people are making a living out of it, so if a video is taken offline then how will Google and the creator of the video will earn out of it. There are loads of ways to share a video from YouTube like emailing, embedding or sharing viz social media networks. It is mostly not at all required to download any content as it is available easily. But many have certain reasons to download, which we support should buy for personal purpose and never for dissemination. Taking a footage from YouTube is not supported but if at all you need it then here are the ways how

Software – Method 1

For downloading video online the best option is third party software. All you need to do is copy and paste URL of the video from YouTube you want in this app and it will automatically find the best quality version of the video available in most MP4 format and download it. So here we give you the list of some of them

4k video downloader

This video downloader is supported to certain big shots like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, but that is mostly all you will need. 4k video downloader takes the content of 4k quality and downloads it, even it takes down the subtitles. It helps in downloading the various formats. You will not find ad Traps and the best part is that it is updated very frequently and has download link that are very clear to use. Best part of 4k video downloader is that it can be even used in downloading a complete subscribed YouTube channel.

4k Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader

Free make Video Downloader allows you to do multiple downloads at once. It can acquire content available in any format and even allows to save you the links, Freemake Video Downloader can download video from 16000 sites and above and is liked by more than 83 million users as it claims. Freemake Video Downloader profess to acquire a 2hour video in just four minutes, which is the fastest. It even provides with a feature for the user to maintain the speed of internet if they are available of the internal connection that is throttled. Freemake Video Downloader also offers a feature “Freeware YouTube to MP3 boom” that allows the user to acquire music out of the videos. That’s all available for free, it’s just superb but yes adds will be put up with it.

Freemake provides you little extra while you install it, such as it changes your search engine to yahoo for all the browser, and gives a third party antivirus. Which sometimes comes up with some unwanted changes in your system. It is upto you trust it or not, although they provide you with many reasons to do so.

Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft TubeGet helps is acquiring the video from YouTube in HD,SD or 4K, plus it supports is downloading the videos from 10000 and more site. It has the capability of acquiring five videos at the same time. Gihosoft TubeGet also has MP3 converter built-in to it.


Airy is a paid program that integrates to your web browser to make the downloading of video from YouTube first a single click process. It is easy to download via Airy as you just need to paste the link into Airy of the video you want to download and rest all will be taken care automatically you are free to set the format or the quality in which you want it. Airy also helps you in acquiring audio into MP3 format into a video. Few of the commenters complain of being dogged off by not being provided with the code of activation. The major drawback it carries is that it just works for YouTube and cannot download videos from any other video sites

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is quite old and a bit harder to use as in comparison to the recently available ones. It helps you to download video from YouTube as well as 50 more video hosting sites. It comes with the feature to convert the files in to your required formats the yearly subscription allows to acquire multiple videos at the same time and that too free of adds. Down acceleration and few more functions are part of its yearly fee. YTD Video Downloader has two versions that is Android and iOS, but eventually only works Android actually. APK file with instructions to use is available on Google Play, but YTD Video downloader can’t be installed from Google Play.

YouTube By Click

YouTube By Click is quite similar to YTD Video downloader as it provides with almost the same features. You can download video playlists, download of an entire subscribed YouTube channel can be done with this YouTube by Click integrates with the browser and provides just a single click downloads. It lets you choose the format of your choice plus gives you the liberty to download video in full HD quality.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter Ultimate lets you acquire the videos that are streaming on channels like Netflix. It provides 100+ video sites to download video from including Facebook and YouTube Feather to Any Video Converter is that it Rip DVDs and provides with video editing features as well.

DL Now Video Downloader

A completely free DL Now video Downloader can download videos of best quality available from 570 video sites. It provides with the ability to convert and download just the audio of the video as a MP3 conversion live streaming and downloading of multiple video at the same time is possible with DL Now Video Downloader.

Softorine YouTube Converter

The softorine YouTube Converter has a product with the name of Walter 2 that is especially used for converting the videos which are playable on iPad or iPhone without any usage of iTunes or any other illegal ways. The Waltr function is integrated to the YouTube converter program that acquires the videos to be converted. Videos can be easily sent to iOS devices from YouTube.

Helper Sites – Method 2

So if you are someone who wants to avoid the installation of any software then there are some helper sites that helps in downloading the video by providing with the conversion and further a download link to get the video. It might be little time consuming but a lot more comfortable are convenient. Numerous sites are available like Tube Offline, Save Forum, Grap Clip, Keepdownloading, GetVideo.at, FLV to etc. All of such kind of sites can be very useful and at the same time dangerous, so if at all you get any warning signs or you yourself don’t feel something is not working right just leave and try the next. Another thing to be taken care of is the ads, they can be just the traps. You might not download what is desired.

Few of the available fine helper sites are:


All you need to do when using keepVid is to just right click the video file you want to acquire and select “save link as “ and it will be downloaded. KeepVid supports 28 video sites and it can also help you in grabbing the audio of the video file Keep in mind not to click on of the huge Advertisements that says to download, they are ad traps. Options engine from the download of MP3 audio to the size selection is available keep Vid requires Java.

KeepVid Pro is a rapid product that has some extended features and supports 10000 sites.


Tube Ninja

The most recommended site to download the videos few years back is now YouTube downloader Tube Ninja. It is very easy to use and make things very fast as ad traps are not available here to distract or confuse you. Tube Ninja supports massive number of sites and enormous languages. You can add functions via your browser book market, and just add “all” before the name of the site to the URL and that makes a fast download option.


If you are looking for the easier options then convert to Audio.com is just perfect for you. Simple pick up the URL, select the conversion format you desire and select and click “convert”. Its done convert to Audio.com gives you even the power to control the volume. You can put the book market in the toolbar and you are just a click away from the conversion of your video site.

Clip Converter.cc

Clip Converter.cc has a filter that is implemented to avoid downloading of the copyrighted content. Other than this it works like all of its kinds, grabs the URL and give you the power to download in several formats and even the conversion to MP3 audio is available with it . You can make the changes in the time from where you want to start downloading and stop it. It supports many video sites like YouTube and offers extensions to the browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


Browser Extensions – Method 3

Browser Extension are a very good option when you want it comes to saving of step. It gets difficult sometimes in downloading videos from YouTube if Chrome is being used as your primary browser.

Video Downloader Professional

It is the extension of the chrome which is obviously taken care by the Google who is the owner of the YouTube. You can very well read in its description itself that the download it hard disk is restricted by the chrome store. Although the another software from the same people Video Downloader Ultimate supports the download from most of the video sites like YouTube, Facebook etc.

Video Downloader professional

Fastest Tube

This tool bypasses the chrome web store, that makes it quite a helpful tool to download videos. You will find “Download this video” right in front of you whenever you will load any of the YouTube page.

Video Download Helper

This Browser extension is supported by enormous number of sites. All you need is to add this to your never in the tool bar and it will give you tons of options and choices of choosing in the format you want. The premium upgrade even allows you to convert the file. The icon animates to show you that the video can be downloaded or not.

Mobile – Method 4

The problem that is with the chrome extension gets bigger with the use of Android App available at the Google Play Store. Anything cannot be legally downloaded from official YouTube App.

Won Tube’s Free You Tube Downloader is the one that you can use for Android with the help of Android Application Package file you can side load on your Android Device. After this all you need to do is to find it in the device and install. Once it is installed just use it to go through the YouTube and download the one you desire. When it comes for downloading to iPhones and iPads, the restrictions should not be there as it belongs to Apple. But it is not the case, it will tell you that you cannot download due to the Terms and Conditions of YouTube. Only option is to jailbreak your phone and use side load apps to download the video you want.

Documents 5 is one free iOS file manager whose build- in browser can make you visit the helper sites that will let you download in the downloads folder. Drag your file to main screen and then it in the photoapp. Thereafter, like any other video available on your phone you can watch it anytime.

Video Downloader Pro For Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive are few apps that will help you in downloading the videos not from the YouTube although, but easily gets it from a cloud storage and put it in your photo app to watch anytime later. Go to old school, synch videos with the help of iTunes. Although it is not similar to downloading directly.