Find what may be the price of OnePlus 5T, in New York Launch

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The OnePlus 5T smartphone will be launched in New York on November 16. OnePlus has officially confirmed it on Tuesday. Earlier on Monday, the company had tweeted that the OnePlus 5T smartphone will be offered in New York but the date was not mentioned in the date. The price of this smartphone has not yet been disclosed. But recently, CEO of OnePlus said that the device can cost 4,000 CNY (about 40,000 rupees).

OnePlus 5T smartphone can offer 3.5mm audio jacks. It is being said that the look of OnePlus 5T smartphone is like Oppo R11. The R11 smartphone has just launched last week. The company says that OnePlus 5T smartphone will be offered in Manhattan in New York City. Most of the OnePlus 5T smartphones can be similar to OnePlus 5. It will have a badge equipped display.

Media reports say that the design of the OnePlus5T smartphone is like the Oppo R11 recently launched. OnePlus 5T OnePlus series will be the best smartphone ever. OnePlus 5 was 0.5 mm thin. It is estimated that onePlus 5T will also be diluted 0.5mm. Earlier leaked reports claimed that the OnePlus 5T smartphone will have a front camera of 20 megapixels. Launching of OnePlus5T will be live streaming. According to Indian time this smartphone will be launched at 9 pm.

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