Predictive Dialer Software Vs Power Dialing System

Predictive Dialer Software

An auto dialer can significantly boost your call center’s productivity and efficiency. Maybe you’re considering call center software options already. If so, you might be wondering about the differences between predictive dialers and power dialers, and which one is right for you.

What is a dialer?

In this application, a dialer is simply software that automates the process of dialing external numbers. Whenever you dial numbers, some of them don’t go through. There will be wrong numbers, answering machines, voicemails, fax machines, and other misses.

Each miss takes up valuable time, and that’s where a dialer can help. A dialer automates the calling process so that human call center employees can skip the dropped calls and always talk to a live person.

Understanding predictive dialers

A predictive dialer works through a database of numbers in sequence, with no live agent actually sitting on the line. All live agents are on other calls, and the predictive dialer is estimating, or predicting, when an agent will be free to take the next call.

When it estimates that an agent will be free, the predictive dialer starts calling numbers. When a live person answers, the dialer shifts the call straight to an agent.

Understanding power dialers

Predictive dialers work on their own; power dialers are activated by the individual call center agent. When the agent is ready, he or she starts the call session. The dialer quickly rings numbers for the agent until they reach a live person.

In this scenario, the agent will inevitably experience some drop-outs and a higher abandon rate than with predictive dialers. Compared to manual dialing, though, power dialers speed up the process significantly.

Comparing the two: what’s right for you?

There are four areas to consider as you compare predictive and power dialers. How easy are they to use? How many calls can you make with each? Which is best for the type of calls you need to make? Finally, does either system affect the way you interact with customers?

Ease of use: Predictive dialers are more complex than power dialers and require more tech support to set up and troubleshoot. On the other hand, predictive dialers make life easier for call center agents day-to-day.

To get the best of both worlds in this category, you need a predictive dialer provider with robust support so you can get the system up and running quickly. Once it’s ready, it takes much of the burden off your agents.

Call volume: If volume is a big consideration for your company, then the predictive dialer is the clear choice for you. A power dialer can handle somewhere between 70 and 80 calls per agent in one hour. A predictive dialer will be able to to do between 100 and 300 calls per agent.

Of course, the number of calls your agents can handle in an hour depends a lot on the average call length. If you only have a few agents, a power dialing system usually works best. For six or more agents, a predictive dialing system is often much more efficient.

Call purpose: Power dialers are great for responding to a request for a callback, or making follow-up calls to a specific niche of people. Predictive dialers are perfect for sales situations and meeting targets within a deadline.

Customers are usually more satisfied with calls in a power dialing situation. The power dialer allows your agents to personalize calls better and build trust. But if efficiency is key, the predictive dialer is definitely the best choice.

Dialers are crucial support for the efficient, modern business. Choosing the right dialer for your call center is a strategic move that can make all the difference in your efficiency and productivity.

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